The First Raw Vegan Street Food


The raw vegan food is a source of physical and mental health. Nowadays people around the world are experiencing  the amazing "effects" of eating raw food. Our recipes are designed to be easily sold on the street and bring this health enhancement to everyone. Moreover, we strongly feel the need of undertaking a more sustainable way of living taking care of our planet and animals, feeding our souls with peace, joy and harmony. Our business allows you to use your creativity supporting local farmers and products and also more sustainable for the nature!

RawFun is the first raw vegan food truck!

It is a "mobile shop" equipped for itinerant food trading, an effective tool that allows you to perform a job in line with your passions.

Join the RawFun world . At an affordable price you can start your own business in the world of raw food.

We'll provide you with all the equipment, assistance and training in order to have a successful business on your own. We will give you directions about procedures and permissions, assistance for the recipes and methods of work to get you started!

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